Review of "Infinity And Beyond" by Ghostpile Records

Infinity And Beyond

Contrary to Depthcruiser’s own description, ‘a strange and breathtaking world where man does not belong,’ I found myself right at home within the first 45 seconds of ‘Infinity and Beyond’. Released 10th of May 2019 but set in interplanetary colonized Solar System 25th century, the album opens with a mesmerizing cut. ‘Through Invisible Borders’ hosts a straight ahead melody which floods in repetitions so as to create a Philip Glassian style flow. The head-nodding turns to toe-tapping with the minimal beat and bass alongside synth sweeps in the second track, ‘Love on a Spaceship'.

‘Phantoms of Reality’ flares into pulse with a house/club sensibility. There is a machine heartbeat ever present in this track; specks of nervous electronic lining pan left and right to create a nice tension. Tender synth notes are hit without daring to stray from the rhythm. Really hypnotic stuff enfolds the listener. This rise is chased with a Twin Peaks-esk space-lounge slow track, ‘5000 Light-Years From Home’. A ride cymbal steady along with surrounding easy rattle and again, minimal synth work makes for a serene, ‘here am I sitting in a tin can’ type of reflection. 'Journey Beyond Tomorrow (MMXIX)’ closes the album in a groove that serenades with funk and cosmic dub.

Depthcruiser seduces the listener - in this solar trippy release – to imagine a time and space in which humanity is defined by grand achievement and yet still unsatisfied. This doesn’t seem like a situation altogether different than present day; the struggle between expansion and contentedness is age-old. Yet what he has done with these compositions is set a sort of mystical serenity into play. The futuristic sci-fi realm presented isn’t violent and chaotic, it’s welcoming and charmed. The listener gains an astral experience within these five scenarios or scenes. The experience in cinematic structures and modular settings rings through ‘Infinity and Beyond.’ At the time of this publication, Depthcruiser has announced his own future with the September release-to-be of ’24 Hours Before the Love.’

Written by Saul Bleaeck, (staff writer) for Ghostpile Records