Traveling Outside The Body

This music or audio experience is an incomparable journey, the sort that fans of ambient or atmospheric music will adore, and even the sort that listeners who benefit from certain types of ASMR may be drawn to. The detail involved in the soundscape has a busy feeling to it, but the overall unity of everything makes for a smooth and ultimately very calm arena.

The chaos cancels itself out somehow, and it’s beautiful to be a part of. The work that has gone into building these audio dream-worlds is incredible. «Traveling Outside The Body» is an incredibly atmospheric and complex collection of compositions, the likes of which range from the deeply thoughtful and provocative, to the ultimately calming and consciously soothing.

Aural Colonization, the opener, offers up the perfect meeting of all of this, and it’s a hugely powerful way to begin. The soundscape itself is massive and minimal, spacious and distant feeling, which, combined with the ideas put forth by the delicate spoken word element, makes for something that immediately pulls you into the centre of the experience.

Dimensional Dreams follows on in a lightly peaceful sort of way. As is the DepthCruiser approach, the music takes every moment as an opportunity to explore and express. Nothing is rushed, the ambiance emerges gradually, as if following you along as you venture cautiously out into the quiet unknown. Later on, the beat hits almost unknowingly – carefully woven into the mix in a hypnotic and beautiful way; a sign of the master producer at work.

Presence Behind The Illusion keeps the thread of the experience running strong. The familiar leading voice continues to explore these ideas and stories, the latter of these options being the more prominent in this case. The music has a slightly higher energy now, a quicker pace – the imagery and scene set by the language use fits in with this sense of movement brilliantly.

Following this, Miles Above Ordinary presents a different kind of mood. A touch of warped or distorted synth riffs bring the music into new realms of enjoyment. There’s a softly chaotic sense of color to it all, and as the track progresses, the music really absorbs all of your outer concerns in a deeply therapeutic manner. The detail and indeed the overall experience increases in intensity, just subtly, and it makes for a mesmerizing and quite addictive few minutes of audio.

The story telling reaches an all time high with Endless Woods – the contrast between the natural imagery of the lyrics and the soft crackle of the soundscape is captivating. The inclusion of you, the self, the listener, within the lyrics, invites a whole new experience into the mix. The music feels like ASMR in many ways. It makes for the perfect source of escapism or the perfect accompaniment for meditation.

The Reality Of Your Existence is a title that provokes the perfect kind of consideration to fit in with the mood and moments explored by the music. As you find yourself alone with your own thoughts and these emerging, all encompassing soundscapes, you ponder just about everything there is or isn’t, and it’s not terrifying – it’s strangely calming to consider and accept the possibilities in this setting. This track evolves into a fairly vibrant and uplifting piece of music.

The project comes to a close with the aptly named title track, confirming all that has come to pass, allowing you one final ride through the outer realms of existence – outside of yourself.

You can come back to this album again and again, the effect is intense and peaceful at the very same time. The detail and artistry of it is something to admire, yet the overall gift it gives to its audience is something to be incredibly grateful for. DepthCruiser has an absolute ability to create and craft these entrancing, revealing experiences through audio.

This LP in its entirety washes the trivial issues of your world away for a while, just as music should, though in this case it feels like something much more than just music.
[Review by Stereo Stickman magazine] 

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Another incredible release by a unique and talented artist. It defies expectation and lifts the spirit. The soundtrack to remake every piece of being that is and is not touchable. Ethereal and otherworldly with hypnotic layers of brilliantly crafted synths and morphing textures - a must have album!
- Joanne O’Keeffe (Electronic Artist/Blogger)

«Traveling Outside The Body» reminds me of the best bits of The Orb mixed with sweeping textures. An album to meditate to, relax to, sleep to, listen to and just purely enjoy.
- Rich James (Pink Dolphin Music Ltd.)

The ultimate ambient sound! If you lie down with your eyes closed and hear that sound then it will beam you away. The best medicine after a hard day's work. Brilliant arrangements, hypnotic vocals, soft transitions. When I first heard this sound I was fascinated by its clarity.
- Martin «Dark Father» (Radio Dark Tunnel)

I have featured Depthcruiser on my show since I came across «Traveling Outside The Body». Treat yourself to some dark and blissful.
- Rusty Egan (DJ/Producer/Drummer)

This album is a crescendo of well assembled vaporous tracks from a world where everything is calm, secure and happy. Layers of ambient sounds combined with minimal beats and sparse but beautiful and well-crafted synths transports you to this wonderful place. Sometimes a bit darker «Presence Behind The Illusion» but mostly very uplifting and recomforting. In «Endless Woods», you can almost feel the breeze from the mountains! A great soothing hypnotic soundscape for going into a deep meditation state. Every ambient music lover should listen to this album.
- Cyber Shaman (Electronic Music Producer)

This album will take you somewhere else for sure. You will be greeted by pleasant voices and deeply atmospheric sounds. It's like a journey into another reality you can't touch, but feel attached too. Like a distant galaxy. Like a fairy tale in a book. It's not music for the masses, but for the seekers and the grounded.
- SPARTALIEN (Electronic Music Producer)

The opening track, «Aural Colonization», sucks you into a bleak futuristic soundscape, and hooks you instantly with its hypnotic minimalism. As that moves on to «Dimensional Dreams» the evolving beats reveal a deceptively complex depth, and this theme really dictates the mood of the whole album. There is more detail in this album than initially meets the ear, and it requires absolute listening concentration to fully appreciate this.
So grab some quiet time, put your headphones on... shut your eyes and let it take you.

- Hydeous (Electronic Music Producer)

The album is a journey of the senses and captures the essence of an outer body experience perfectly. With rich textures and diversities of audio delight! Smooth, yet determined, the music is a collection of songs which are whispering to you soul.
- Cyberwaste (Electronic Music Producer)

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let yourself fall backwards into the mesmerizing depths of this album. These are atmospheric soundscapes that seem to live and breathe on their own, each transporting you to a new world of sounds and textures to absolutely incredible album!
- Em Baker (Composer/Music Producer)

Very cool album...'Easily gets you beyond yourself and into an introspective state; the vibe gets you where you often need to be.'
- goody (Musician/Neuropsychologist)

«Traveling Outside The Body» by DepthCruiser does indeed take you on a journey, igniting the imagination, and feelings that your soul had forgotten. Each track takes you on an amazing musical landscape. Beautiful combinations of meditative sounds & beats that wash over your mind, body and soul, bringing deep relaxation as well as a feeling of rejuvenation. This album was a wonderful to listen to.
- Nakoma-Z (Future Beautiful Radio)

Depthcruiser brings serious production skills in «Traveling Outside The Body» album. From the beginning the ethereal track «Aural Colonization» invites you to take the whole journey. Recommended to hear from beginning to end.. I’ll definitely play this on Selector Radio Show.
- Joaquin Jimenez-Sauma (DJ/Electronic Music Producer)

Depthcruiser's delightfully atmospheric album revels in slow motion beats and flirts with the dark side of ambient. Haunting narratives pepper the often sparse, yet finely textured, sounds that conjure up a brilliant sense of harmonic electronics. «Traveling Outside The Body» is sometimes delicate, sometimes surreal, and yet profound and intricate. It's an album to savor and enjoy in those moments when only ambient will do.
- Be Twinkle (DJ)

Depthcruiser is a super talented artist. The «Traveling Outside The Body» album is fantastically produced and it got me traveling to an enticing sonic landscape. Highly recommended for daydreaming or deep concentration.
- leloopar (DJ/Electronic Music Producer)

Self described as 'inspired by sci-fi, esoterism, ASMR, and the mystical beauty of the Carpathians'; this album encompasses those elements perfectly. This beautiful album overflows with a deep ethereal feeling, something you'd expect from the best of Carbonbased Lifeforms or Solar Fields. Each track flows to the next with a fine finesse that caters to a relaxing and fulfilling listen.
- Kaiseki Digital (Narrative music label)

Depthcruiser's «Traveling Outside The Body» is pure energy. If used correctly, the applications are unimaginable. This album is time bending. Never ending. And brilliantly written. Well done!
- melodywhore (Electronic Music Producer)