"Silence" EP album review by ElectroWOW

Hailing from New York, electronic music producer DepthCruiser is currently promoting his latest album ‘Silence’. In brief, he creates ambient music and deep sounds. But this album is much more than just a compilation of 4 tracks. His top quality music is full of unique flavors, inspired by natural surroundings. With diverse sound effects, this album allows you to completely relax and enjoy a unique listening experience.

I have two favorite tracks on this material. The first track “Special Lover” impressed me, as it sounds elegantly sexy while remaining subtle electronic textures. Likewise, I also liked the last track “Journey Beyond Tomorrow”because it will literally take you on a sonic journey that is based on a melodic downtempo beat. You would love to listen all day long this album!

Cover photo by Yaroslav Matulyak (Ukraine)