Official release of "Traveling Outside The Body" on Bandcamp

In memory of Dolores O'Riordan, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Lemmy Kilmister. People who inspired me since the time I first heard their music, since the time their music became a part of my life, since the time I was playing the guitar in my hometown’s rock-band. They will forever remain in my memory. And I know, they are not dead, they just traveling outside the body.

Ethereal, deep and mentality permeating sonic creation, specially designed for an aural journeys to another parallel universes besides our own.

Sophisticated sounds from DepthCruiser's inner side will take you in a deep esoteric journey, transferring you somewhere you haven't never been before. Enjoy listening through head phones or high quality stereo system. Close your eyes and let the music float thru your body.