DepthCruiser is an Ukrainian-American musician, sound designer and film composer.

Although DepthCruiser has worked with various music genres, he is associated most commonly with ambient and abstract music endowed with powerful ability to transport the listener to a completely different realm.

DepthCruiser’s work is stylised by its blending of acoustic and electronic elements. But one of the most prominent characteristics is use of dub sounds, which indicates his passion to deep sound sculptures.

DepthCruiser with his passion for musical storytelling take you deep into a realms where the analogue warmth meets the cold sonic aesthetic.

Album "Depths of Perception" on Pandora now

Album "Depths of Perception" already on Pandora!

Album inspired by the extrasensory perception or ESP (also known as sixth sense, second sight or cryptesthesia).

ESP is defined by parapsychologists as the acquisition by a human mind of information it could not have receive through the five senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. ESP is an alleged “paranormal” or supernatural phenomenon that many believe is best suited to science fiction films.

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Specially designed abstract music that invites the listeners to participate in the mysterious voyage or sonic expedition to another dimensions or an alternate reality and find their own extra-musical vision.

Discover an unique soundscapes and territories from an unknown universes, full of fantasies, deep echoes and transcendent psychoactive sounds.