"Night Without You" (Version 2018)

Due to huge popularity of "Night Without You" on a radio, I decided to create a new 2018 version of this track.

Track is free to download on Bandcamp, but if you want you can show some love and support to me.

SoundCloud: Listen to "Night Without You" (2018)

My 2 tracks in DJ Rusty Egan`s EFT Show 2018-03-23

DJ Rusty Egan (London, United Kingdom) selected my 2 tracks ("Night Without You" & "Abstract Sculptures") for his "The Electronic Family Tree" Radio Show 2018-03-23 onArtefaktor Radio & Bombshell Radio.

Please, enjoy listening on MixCloud here.

EP "The Silent World" available for pre-order

EP "The Silent World" available for pre-order on Bandcamp. 

This album is an extraordinary cocktail composed of three main ingredients: jazzy rhythms, ambient textures and dubby sounds. 

Enjoy listening here.

I`m in "10 Producers Pushing Boundaries"

StereoStickman Magazine included me in their "10 Producers Pushing Boundaries". It such a honor for me. Thank you, StereoStickman!

"DepthCruiser has an absolute ability to create and craft these entrancing, revealing experiences through audio."

Read full article here

"Night Without You" in Fred Khatts (DEEPKONTROL) Radio Show

My friend from France, Fred Khatts (DEEPKONTROL), include "Night Without You" in his radio show on MIXLR. It`s very beautiful show with great track`s selection. Thank you, Fred Khatts (DEEPKONTROL)!

Enjoy - https://www.mixcloud.com/Fredkhatts/itechno_podcast-mix_radioshow_fredkhatts-fam_01272018/

"Journey Beyond Tomorrow" in DJ Rusty Egan`s Show 2018-01-26

Track "Journey Beyond Tomorrow" appeared in DJ Rusty Egan`s "Electronic Family Tree" Radio Show 2018-01-26 on Artefaktor Radio & Bombshell Radio.

Please, listen to this amazing show on Mixcloud - https://www.mixcloud.com/rustyegan/eft-2017-01-26/

Review of “Traveling Outside The Body” by StereoStickman Magazine

The long awaited LP release from DepthCruiser has finally arrived. Traveling Outside The Body is an incredibly atmospheric and complex collection of compositions, the likes of which range from the deeply thoughtful and provocative, to the ultimately calming and consciously soothing. Aural Colonization, the opener, offers up the perfect meeting of all of this, and it’s a hugely powerful way to begin. The soundscape itself is massive and minimal, spacious and distant feeling, which, combined with the ideas put forth by the delicate spoken word element, makes for something that immediately pulls you into the centre of the experience. Dimensional Dreams follows on in a lightly peaceful sort of way. As is the DepthCruiser approach, the music takes every moment as an opportunity to explore and express. Nothing is rushed, the ambiance emerges gradually, as if following you along as you venture cautiously out into the quiet unknown. Later on, the beat hits almost unknowingly – carefully woven…